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Thursday, 24 April 2014


Zero Alternative by debutant author Luca Pesaro is a fast-paced and tantalizingly crafted action-packed conspiracy suspense thriller that takes you into the dizzying world of intrigue and machination of the global financial market, criss-crossing London in England, Sardinia, Siena and Rome in Italy, New Mexico in United States and Lugano in Switzerland. Weaving a thoroughly fresh story with plot twist that will keep you totally absorbed, Luca Pesaro’s debut novel may perhaps end up as the thriller debut of the year.

Luca Pesaro was once a derivative trader in real life and is familiar with the world of Zero Alternative where greed, skullduggery, sleaze and manipulation rule. The main protagonist, Scott “Yours” Walker, is an investment banker who with the help of tech-savvy friend created DeepShare program - a silicon oracle that could predict a slice of the future, quickly turning him into a multi-millionaire. With such a money-machine in existence, can trouble be far behind? Walker got bundled out through the calculated move of an unknown enemy. But his problem is far from over. As the story unfolds, he must uncover a web of mystery and deceit if he is to keep DeepShare safe.

But that is easier said than done. With government agents, greedy billionaires, crazy criminals and sharp hitmen on his tail, Walker’s immediate task is to stay alive. To make matter worse, he can’t even trust the woman he love. If his life is to regain a semblance of normalcy that he once knew, his gut instinct know that greater dangers lie in wait. Whatever the consequence, he must tear apart a corrupt international bank that has been hunting for him. Now it is time for the hunted to become the hunter.

Zero Alternative is not only a refreshing read but an innovative story with the global financial market with all its huge imponderables as the backdrop of a story that is scary, stunning and simply absorbing. Luca Pesaro is a fine storyteller and he has the gift to emerge as one of the foremost writers of our time. Having said that, the novel at times appears a bit raw, which is a trait most visible in first-time authors. But that should not take anything away from a novel with exotic locales, amazing characters and a storyline that has real depth and could become a reality in the near future.

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Luca Pesaro was born in Italy in the early seventies, but has spent most of his adult life in the US or UK. After long years gaining a degree and masters in the pseudo-science that is Economics he got bored, jumped the gun and became a derivatives trader in financial markets with several investment banks. Now reformed, he is writing full-time.

Zero Alternative is his first novel, and he is hard at work on his second thriller.

He lives in London, is married to an awesome Italian lady and has two children who always manage to annoy, surprise and delight beyond any reasonable expectation. (Goodreads)