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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


My inbox is most often inundated with mails of all kinds, and most of them are trashed without ever opening unless it is a personal mail. One recently escaped the “trash” button, and I’m glad I have had the chance to go over its content.

I discover to my pure delight that The High Calling, an online weekly newsletter, is a place where you can discover a broad range of articles, interviews, devotionals, and inspirational stories - all specifically created to help you find God in your work, family, and the broader culture. The writers and bloggers tell engaging stories crafted to encourage you in the high calling of your daily work. It is a community founded on the belief that God cares about our daily work.

The High Calling is also a safe place to ask difficult questions about work, leadership, culture, family, and faith. It is a place where differing opinions about matters of faith and doubt are shared.

Just sample this brief incisive write-up in The High Calling:

Right Idea, Wrong Time?
by Howard E. Butt, Jr.

Joseph and Noah McVicker invented a substance to clean wallpaper. It was soft, pliable, durable. Trouble was, no one wanted it.  And the McVickers set their invention aside.

Ten years later, the brothers heard an elementary school teacher describe how her students, with their little hands, struggled in their art projects.  Art clay was hard and unyielding. So Noah and Joseph dusted off their invention—and today we call that wallpaper cleaner Play-Doh.

This is Howard Butt, Jr., of Laity Lodge. Our world is full of ingenuity and innovations that at first solved nothing.  Maybe you have a right idea that hasn’t found the right time. Stay open. Be patient...and keep the high calling of our daily work.

Image by Dennis Brekke. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.

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