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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Challenging God

One day, an atheist professor who constantly tries to disprove God stood up on a podium in front of his class and said, "Today class, I will disprove God! If God really exists then he will knock me off this podium within 15 minutes!" The professor then took his watch and started to keep time.

"10 minutes to go God!"

"5 minutes to go God!"

Now a football player was outside the door and heard the teacher counting. When he heard what the teacher was doing, he was furious and waited.

"1 minute left! Well class, as you can see there is no possible way that I will come off this podium now, so your God is..."

At that moment the football player came charging in and tackled the professor off the podium and onto the floor. Stunned the professor stammered, "Wh-where did you come from?!"

The football player smirked and replied, "God was busy so He sent me."

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