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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

God, Where Are You?

I don’t believe that there is person on the planet who has not asked, “God, where are you? Can you hear me?” at one time or another.

Many would most likely agree that we ask questions of this nature quite often. For those of us who pray do you sometimes feel as if God is answering every other prayer in the entire universe with the exception of yours? Why does God sometimes feel so far away?  When life becomes bitter it’s easy to give up on God. It is easy to believe that God does not love us or desire the best for us. I mean, if he did love us would he allow such awful things to sometimes happen? Would he allow us to cry out for change until we become worn and yet it seems as if no change is in sight? Would God allow homeless people to sleep under bridges or young children to be abused? Would the God who loves us so much allow catastrophe and calamity to hit our land? Would there really be no jobs and a growing unemployment line if God was really there?

We all have pondered these thoughts. So what do you do? Do you give up on a God who promises latter rain? Do you give up on a God who has declared in his word that we all have an expected end? Do we give up on a God who has a proven record of bringing forth restoration? Do we throw away a God who has promised to provide wellsprings in the midst of our desert experiences? Do we cave in and quit because we can’t always see God in our situations. The answer is absolutely not. You must keep talking to God; he’s on the other end of the line. You must believe that He rewards those of us who seek him with diligence. You must continue praying! Yes prayer changes things but most importantly prayer changes us! Keep pacing the floors as you make your petitions known to Him. Even if there’s no trace of God you must know that he’s there.

Can you see air? No. Yet as we exhale we immediately inhale again knowing that there is an invisible substance that encompasses us and as we take it in, it sustains life. We must view God in like manner.  He’s there even when you can’t see him. Like oxygen, He will sustain you. Don’t give up. When everything in you is saying “I quit” you must ask the Guarder of Life for strength. God will miraculously grace you to make it through yet another day.  Stand on His promises.  Pick up the Word of God and find a scripture to reference. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with the entire Bible. Find one promise to stand on and keep reminding God of what he said he would do for you. Before you know it your deliverance will have come. You will then look back and realize that perhaps God was actually there all along.

Dr. Kellie Lane
Author of “When God is Silent

Author Bio:
Kellie Lane, a native of Lexington, MS is a passionate orator and writer of God's spoken word. She is an author, motivational speaker, and professional life coach. Kellie has dedicated her life to the work of encouraging others to reach their maximum potential in Christ. Her message to the world is " Don't give up, push, pray, and persist " until you reach the point of breakthrough. In addition to writing and speaking, Kellie serves our nation's veterans a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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Twitter: @kellieelane

Book Genre: self- help/inspirational,spiritual growth
Publisher: Creation House
Release Date: March 4, 2014

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Book Description: "When God is Silent” confirms through scripture that God indeed hears the cries of
his elect and the broken hearted. The book explains to the reader why he or she may be waiting on the answers to their prayers and how to endure in a season of silence. It also reveals how to recognize "God's answer" if he chooses to answer differently than what we anticipate. The take home message is “ Never Give up! Even if God is not talking he’s still listening”. We must learn to “push, pray, and persist” until we reach the point of breakthrough. God desires to give only the best to his children. We must understand this.



I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You yourself are the answer.
—C. S. Lewis

If you’re reading this book, more than likely you are in what is called a pressed place; a place of waiting. Does it seem as if God has forgotten about you? Has everyone else around you begun to celebrate their miracles, yet you are still crying yourself to sleep at night? Are you feeling a
sense of weariness and emptiness? Have you been praying and crying out to God day in and out and still you see no change? Have you found yourself wondering if God has gone on vacation? Have you been contemplating that perhaps what you are believing God for is not in His will? Well if this describes you, congratulations! You are next in line for a miracle. I decree and declare defeat is not your portion; victory is your portion. Receive it, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

What the enemy wants us to believe is that God will never answer our prayers. The kingdom of darkness works overtime as we get closer to our breakthroughs. Satan and
His generals know that if he can get us to lose our focus, we will not be in position when the fullness of time comes and we will miss the blessing. We must know without a doubt that God is faithful and never fails. We must be certain that even if God is not talking, He’s still listening.

For it is written:

But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer.
—Psalm 66:19

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