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Saturday, 16 June 2012


There remaineth...a rest to the people of God || Heb 4:9
Sumzadong Vaiphei
1927 - 4 March 2012

A hundred years from now,
The thoughts would still be,
As fresh and truer still,
And I know this would never do,
But at least it is the beginning, dear father!

You may not have been the richest father,
But your love and concern was overflowing with richness!

You may not have been the wisest father,
But your thoughts and guidance were the best for me!

You may not have been the worldly ideal type,
But you were the ideal father for me!

I remember my tender young days,
When you hold me in your strong hands,
And we went to pick my tooth at the hospital,
Though it was painful,
I knew I would be okay because you were there with me.

When the school bells rang for the first time,
You were there with me,
In the hallowed halls of that big structure,
To assure me that it was okay to be awed and amazed!

Oh, dad! How time flies!
When I was ready to start a new life of my own,
You were there standing beside me,
Welcoming your "daughter" into our home,
With arms wide open and blessings on your lips.

When we were ready to welcome my first angel,
You were never far away.
Always a ready hand out-stretched,
More like a friend than a father!

Whenever life's difficulties and obstacles
Rose to unchain the melody of life,
You were always there, saying,
"Son, it is time to move on!"

And when God called you home,
I knew that the road ahead,
Would be much more difficult
Without you - your wisdom and guidance.

But deep inside me,
In the deepest senses of my being,
I know that you'll be with me, always,
Assuring, leading and guiding me!

Though the paths be difficult,
And the climb steep,
You will be egging me on,
As I take small faltering steps.

Dad, as I look back on the life that you lived,
So abundantly and so fully,
I'm so full of gratitude,
For being my father and making me your son!

Thanks, dad!
I'll forever remain grateful,
For making me, me!

And this song is for us both, dad-

There is a paradise of rest
On yonder tranquil shore,
Beyond the shadow and the gloom of night,
Where toil and tears are o’er.

Meet me there, oh, meet me there,
At the dawning of that morning bright and fair;
Meet me there, oh, meet me there,
In the land beyond the river meet me there.

There is a city crowned with light,
Its joy no tongue can tell;
For they who enter shall behold the King,
And in His presence dwell.

There is a crown laid up on high
That Christ the Lord will give
To those who patiently His coming wait,
And for His glory live.

Oh, then be faithful unto death,
Press on the heavenly way,
That we may enter through the gates of life
To realms of endless day.
Composer: Fanny Crosby || Some hymnals show the author as W.R. Lindsay, one of Fanny's pseudonyms
Music: Ira D. Sankey

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