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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


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I was going through a divorce and had just moved with my daughters into an old, but affordable home. 'Please see us through this,' I prayed daily, wondering how I would manage alone. Then the furnace stopped running just as the temperature plummeted. It was unusually cold for Phoenix and the house was freezing.

I called the utility company and uncovered an unbelievable string of errors. First, I learned my account had never been closed because the gas bill had not been paid. But I had never gotten the statement because it had been sent to the wrong address. Then, when the company tried calling me, my answering machine (which I didn't know was broken) didn't record the message!

There was a strict policy that a canceled account would not be reinstated without first doing a check of the entire heating system. So, after all the upheaval and financial stress we had been through, I had to pack up my kids and go to a hotel for a couple of days until workmen inspected my furnace.

'God, aren't you watching out for us at all?' I fumed - until the day the workers came out to the house.

"Lady," one of the workmen said, after the inspection, "you and your family are lucky to be alive. We discovered a hole in the heat exchanger that would have leaked carbon monoxide directly into your home. Thank God your furnace didn't go on."

When you are tired and discouraged from fruitless effort,
GOD knows how hard you have tried.

When you've cried so long your heart is in anguish,
GOD has counted your tears.

If you feel that your life is on hold and time has passed you by,
GOD is waiting for you.

When nothing makes sense and you are confused or frustrated,
GOD has the answer.

If suddenly your outlook is brighter and you find traces of hope,
GOD has whispered to you.

When things are going well and you have much to be thankful for,
GOD has blessed you.

When something joyful happens and you are filled with awe,
GOD has smiled upon you.

Remember, that whatever you are feeling,
GOD knows!

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